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Training Program

Training Program



Course Overview


Jenkins Motor Sports Vocational Automotive Youth Training Center (JMS-VAYTC) provides industry specific skills to under-served youth in the basic automotive responsibilities of an entry level technician.   JMS-VAYTC's 24 month training program offers a unique opportunity for qualified students to learn auto mechanic skills in a hands-on environment with certified trainers who are veterans in their field.  The classes offered focuses on the basic automotive skill applications required of an entry-level worker. 


Deigned for entry-level service mechanics - and those with more experience who need to improve their skills - the auto mechanic program provides expert training in both mechanical and electrical servicing.


Introductory courses will discusses math, measurements, workplace safety, and the various parts of the automobile. Trainees then tackle more advanced concepts and procedures for servicing and troubleshooting electrical systems, automatic transmissions, steering and suspension systems, and computerized engine control systems.



Course List:

            Introduction to Automotive Repair

            Basic Industrial Math

            Introduction to Automotive Repair

            Basic Industrial Math

            Automotive Engine Parts and Operation

            Small Engines

            Automotive Engine Types

            Automotive Engine Overhaul 

            Automotive Lubrication Systems

            Automotive Cooling Systems

           Automotive Fuel Systems, Part 1

            Automotive Fuel Systems, Part 2

            Port Fuel Injection

            Advanced Fuel Injection Systems

            Ignition System Components and Operation (Automotive)

            Ignition System Maintenance (Automotive)

            Automotive Starting Systems

            Distributorless Ignition Explained

            Automotive Electrical Systems

            Electricity for Auto Technicians 

            Charging Systems Explained

            Electronics for Auto Technicians

            Automotive Braking Systems

            Antilock Braking Systems

            Antilock Brake Systems Explained

            Troubleshooting Antilock Brakes 

            Automotive Suspension Systems

            Automotive Suspension Explained

            Automotive Steering Systems and Wheel Alignment

            Four Wheel Alignment

            Automotive Engines: Theory and Servicing

            Automotive Drive Trains: Automatic and Manual

            Computerized Engine Controls (Automotive)

            Advanced Automotive Computer Systems

            The Automotive Computer

            Automotive Engine Performance/Troubleshooting

            Troubleshooting the Electrical System 

            Troubleshooting Port Fuel Injection 

            Drivability Troubleshooting

            Drivability Troubleshooting: Hesitation Problems

            Automotive Emissions Explained 

            Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Part 1

            Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Part 1

            Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Explained


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  1. Be between the ages of 16-24 years old.
  2. Be a legal resident of Alamance, Forsyth, or Guilford County for more than a year.
  3. Have a valid Driver's license or North Carolina Identification Card.
  4. Have a valid Social Security Card.
  5. Demonstrate a desire to become an automotive mechanic.  We are looking for candidates who are passionate about being offered an opportunity to better themselves and learn a skilled trade.
  6. Be physically up to the challenge.  Must be able to lift 50 lbs. or more.
  7. Have minimum math and reading skills (English) for all classes.



Application process:

  1. Must attend an open house/orientation prior to submitting your application.
  2. Complete the applicate and return it by the deadline.
  3. If applicants meet the criteria an interview will be scheduled, and then you will be notified if accepted into the introduction program within a few days.


Note:  Acceptance into the introduction program does not constitute acceptance into the training program.